Anti-crisis management: transfer of the sales department to remote work

Format: webinar
Date: to be confirmed
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The goal of the program is to give a clear algorithm for transferring employees to remote work, talk about setting up business processes, talk about the anti-crisis functionality of work and about the tools for setting goals and control.
Who will be interested in the webinar?
Heads and top managers of enterprises in different industries
Sales managers
Commercial directors
Heads (producers) of online schools, online stores

Content of lessons

4 days, 4 webinars of 90 minutes
Day 1
1.Tools for work in a remote format.
2. Step-by-step translation plan.
3. Document flow.
Day 2
1. How to manage a remote team.
2. Business processes, communications, work schedule, psychological characteristics of remote work.
Day 3
1. Control over the work of sales managers in a remote format.
2. Correct setting of tasks and control over their implementation.
3. Problem books
Day 4
1. Work of the remote sales department during the crisis.
2. What happened if the demand has dropped?
3. Non-stop sales.
At the end of the webinar
After the webinar, any manager can independently transfer the sales department to remote work and set up business processes within a week.

Relocating the sales department to telecommuting is an anti-crisis solution that not only optimizes costs, but also allows the business to survive.

Benefits of the webinar
author's program based on practical cases
lays out a clear step-by-step action plan
clear and understandable work tools and technical solutions are given, the implementation of which does not require additional investments
business processes proposed for implementation are developed based on sales technology and business psychology
Webinar leads
Svetlana Gorelkina
Independent hotel alliance professional coach, expert in hotel sales
Experience in sales - 20 years.
She has gone from cold calling to sales management for large enterprises.
  • Business psychologist
  • Master coach of the international coaching association ICI
  • Coach of the European association ECA Business coaching
  • Coach in AC (Association for coaching UK)
  • NLP practitioner
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