Hospitality English

Additional education

Duration: 72 academic hours
Cost: 25,000 rubles
For whom
  • Cafe / Restaurant Managers
  • Hotel business managers
  • Employees of service establishments
  • Upon completion of training, a Certificate of the established form is issued
  • Training of professionals in the hotel and restaurant industries who speak business English
Form of study
  • Full-time training program using distance learning technologies
About the cours
Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for any service worker. This course will allow you to master your speaking skills, work through standard dialogues and learn professional vocabulary. Increasing of speech competence is an opportunity to apply for a job in a good institution and feel confident in communication with guests.

Advantages of the course:

Emphasis on fluent spoken language
Exploring standard designs and specialized subject blocks
Formation of the correct accent in speech when communicating with a client
Experienced teachers
Attending classes at a convenient time for you
Course program
The course lasts for 72 academic hours
Theme 1. Meeting people
1) Greetings
2) Facilities
1) Present Tense of the verb to be/ am, is, are
2) Construction There is/are

Reading: Addressing people

Theme 2. Restaurant
1) Reservations
2) Apologizing
3) Calendar
1) Present Simple
2) Polite question forms
3) Present Simple negative

Reading: Places to stay
Theme 3. Ordering
1) Beverages
2) Methods of cooking
3) Fish and seafood
1) Like/would like
2) a/the; some/any

Reading: Multiple service establishment
Theme 4. Telephoning
1) How should be say the telephone number
2) Letters and faxes
3) Taking massages
1) Past Simple
2) Past Simple. Question and negatives
3) Adverbs/ irregular adverbs

Reading: Telephone etiquette
Theme 5. Directions
1) Hotel objects
2) City objects 3) Problems
1) Prepositions
2) Modal verbs
3) Present Perfect

Reading: City transports in NEW YORK
Theme 6. Dealing with complaints
1) Room equipment
2) Bed equipment
3) Bathroom equipment
1) Present Perfect Passive
2) Subject question

Reading: We are very sorry…
Theme 7. Check in/out
1) Paying and explaining bills
2) Farewells
1) Talking about Future

Reading: Methods of payment
Course author
Christina Baranova
English teacher at the MSUFP
  • studied at Synergy University Dubai Campus (Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant Business);
  • interned at Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) - University of the Balearic Islands (Spain) in the direction of "Management";
  • worked in the Novotel and Radisson Collection hotel chains;
  • as a translator accompanied foreign delegations at international exhibitions
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