Teacher of secondary vocational education. Theory and practice of the implementation of the FSES SPO (PROF RETRAINING)

online education
start of classes:
December, 2020
RUB 5,500
252 academic. hours
Purpose of the program
Formation and improvement of professional competencies of employees of educational institutions of secondary professional education in accordance with the FSES SPO and professional standards;
improvement of theoretical knowledge and skills in the field of psychological and pedagogical activities of teachers, methodology and methods of teaching disciplines in the system of secondary professional education; ensuring that qualifications meet the requirements of the professional standard "Teacher of professional training, professional education and additional professional education".
Who will be interested in the program
without teacher training
Top management
educational institutions
Graduates of universities
who decided to link their fate with education and training
Representatives of other professions
decided to change the field of activity
Program modules
Regulatory support (STR)
Psychological and pedagogical support of a teacher of secondary vocational education
Organization of educational activities of students and pedagogical control of the assessment of the development of the educational program of SVE
Accompanying students with disabilities and first aid
Electronic information and educational environment of the institution of secondary vocational education
What will you learn
To organize educational and educational-methodical work in the educational organization at the modern methodological and organizational level
Apply a person-centered approach in the educational process
Use a variety of technologies for interaction between a teacher and students, focused on the formation of competencies and the achievement of specified educational results
Apply technologies of effective pedagogical communication
Analyze new scientific approaches and teaching methods used in a developed system of Internet education
Apply in practical work new interactive forms of learning necessary for teaching disciplines taking into account digitalization
Use best practices to improve the quality of teaching disciplines
Build a system of psychological relations in the organization of secondary vocational education
Highlight, systematize, analyze and summarize the information necessary to solve professional problems
Interpret and apply legislative norms, navigate the current law enforcement practice and use reference and legal systems for organizing the educational process
Issued document
State diploma of professional retraining
Registration for the program
professional retraining
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