Basketball section
for adults

cost: 3 000 rubles.
What are the benefits of basketball lessons?
  • Basketball is a game that allows you to feel like a part of a team, learn to live and work in the same direction with your partners, and respect the interests of each person in the team.
  • Basketball develops movement coordination. By playing basketball, you will imperceptibly increase your level of physical fitness.
  • Basketball is a universal game. All muscle groups and internal systems of the body develop in it equally.
What are the classes made of?
  • 1
    Theoretical part
    The history of the emergence and development of basketball. Safety rules for classes. Rules of the game. The concept of hygiene, the rules of personal and public hygiene. Athlete's daily routine. Self-control.
  • 2
    General physical preparation
    Special strength exercises, circuit training, running, jumping exercises, speed exercises.
    Exercises for the development of agility.
  • 3
    Technical training
    Player stance. Receptions and passes of the ball (with two hands, with one hand, from the chest, from behind the head, with a rebound from the floor, from behind the bottom).
    Stops. Ring attack. (free throws, two steps, fake moves)
    Protective actions (blocks, insurance).
    Tactical actions in defense. Tactical actions in the attack.
  • 4
    Special physical training
    Game exercises, cross training, athletic gymnastics, barbell work.
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