Catering in educational institutions
Program partner
Who will be interested in the course?
Civil servants - founders of educational organizations, educational authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation
Management personnel of enterprises that provide school catering services
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part-time (36 ac. hours): 20 000 rubles
internal: (18 ac. hours): 2 000 rubles.
You will learn
  • Analyze changes in school feeding regulations
  • Develop regional food supply standards in educational institutions
  • Introduce standard menus, taking into account the powers of local authorities, schools
  • Justify the content of standard contracts and terms of reference for them to ensure the safety and quality of services for organizing meals for students
  • Organize dietary (therapeutic) nutrition for students, taking into account the real capabilities of the educational institution
Program modules
part-time (36 ac. hours): 20 000 rubles
internal: (18 ac. hours): 2 000 rubles.

At the end of the training, students are issued certificates of advanced training of the established sample
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