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Your child is interested in chemistry from an early age, but still needs to grow up to the school curriculum?

We offer a specially developed methodology for young chemists aged 8 to 13 years. The program of classes will allow you to form an understanding of the concepts of "substance", "material" and their properties, will acquaint you in more depth with science

The training is carried out by professionals in their field in modern laboratories on the basis of the MSUFP
Convenient schedule
education 2 times a week, the time is selected depending on your preferences
Actual material
the material component of the course is updated monthly
Technopark MSUFP
classes are held in innovation laboratories on the basis of the technopark
Contents of the program
The course is developed based on the needs of schoolchildren, includes the "Introduction to Chemistry" module, which consists of the following topics:
Basic chemical concepts
  • Simple substance. Complex substance. Atom structure
  • Physical and chemical phenomenon. Laboratory work
  • Individual substances and mixtures of substances. Separation of mixtures
  • Relative atomic mass. Quantitative and qualitative composition
  • The law of conservation of mass of matter. Chemical reaction equations
  • Types of chemical reactions
cost of training: 7 500 rub.
term: 36 acad. hours
form: full-time

category: schoolchildren 13-18 years old
start of group: october 4, 2021
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