START 5 december 2022
Sensory food analysis
72 ac. hours
form of carrying out:
internal, extra-mural
from 15 000 rub.
During the training, you will get acquainted with the methodology and basic techniques of scientifically based sensory analysis, acquire competence in the field of modern methods of sensory analysis in accordance with international and professional requirements.
Improve your technical knowledge through sensory training and development, and gain the skills to create quality sensory product profiles.
This course will interest
Engineering and technical workers of food industry enterprises
Students of specialized universities
During your studies, you
  • Learn the basic principles and techniques used in sensory analysis
  • Gain knowledge of the physiology of the senses and perception through their various stimuli
  • Learn about the sensory mechanisms of food exploration
  • You will be able to test your level of touch sensitivity
  • Evaluate your ability to participate in sensory research on foods based on your sensory test results
  • Establish what the increased / decreased sensitivity of this or that sense organ is associated with
Course authors and instructors
Berketova Lidia Vladislavovna
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department "Food Safety" of Moscow State University of Food Industry, Associate Professor of the Department of Restaurant Business of the PRUE. G.V. Plekhanov
Paramonov Grigory Viktorovich
Assistant at the Department of Food Safety at Moscow State University of Food and Beverage, Quality Director of SENSORILAB LLC (SensoryLAB LLC, resident of the Skolkovo Foundation)
Program modules
    cost of education:
    internal: 33 000 rubles.
    extramural: 15 000 rubles.
    duration: 72 ac. hours

    group start: 5 december 2022
    At the end of the training, students are issued certificates of advanced training of the established sample
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