START 4 april 2022

Integrated food quality management systems
72 ac. hours
form of carrying out:
7 800 rub.
In the course of training, you will not only get acquainted with the necessary theoretical knowledge, but also gain practical skills in the design of integrated management systems, taking into account the specifics of food products and food enterprises.

The program will interest

Engineering and technical workers of food industry enterprises
Students of specialized universities

During your studies, you will learn

  • Practically apply the knowledge gained in the design and implementation of integrated management systems at a food enterprise
  • Combine the requirements of various standards in order to create an integrated management system in a food enterprise
  • Analyze the requirements of international standards for management systems
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the created IMS, conduct audits
  • Possess the skills of assessing the effectiveness of integrated management systems
  • Design and implement basic management systems in a food enterprise

Program modules

Section 1.
The main management systems currently used in the food industry
Section 2.
Modern management systems at a food enterprise
Section 3.
Integrated management systems. Combining the requirements of different systems. IMS construction models IMS development and implementation. IMS certification.
form of carrying out: extramural
cost of education: 7 800 rubles.
duration: 72 ac. hours

group start: 4 april 2022
At the end of the training, students are issued certificates of advanced training of the established sample
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