START 5 december 2022
Improvement of production veterinary and sanitary
control at agricultural enterprises and laboratories
veterinary and sanitary examination
72 ac. hours
form of carrying out:
35 000 rub.
In the course of training, you will receive relevant knowledge and necessary skills to ensure veterinary and sanitary safety in the production and sale of products of animal and plant origin, study and learn how to use the current requirements of the legal framework for veterinary and sanitary.
This course is suitable
Employees and managers of food and processing industry enterprises, veterinary services at enterprises
Heads and specialists of city and regional stations for the fight against animal diseases
Auditors in the field of quality and food safety
For students of specialized universities
From us you will learn
  • conduct veterinary and sanitary examination and control in the processing industry (sausage, canning shops, when processing wild game animals)
  • carry out veterinary and sanitary supervision of products of animal origin in markets, transport, enterprises and veterinary points
  • conducting veterinary and sanitary measures (disinfection, disinsection, decontamination) at enterprises for the processing of raw materials and products of animal origin
  • veterinary and sanitary examination of raw materials and products of animal and plant origin for food purposes, as well as feed and feed additives of plant origin
  • carry out veterinary and sanitary control of raw materials and products of animal origin in accordance with veterinary legislation
  • conduct microbiological studies of slaughter products of animals and poultry
  • diagnose causative agents of food toxicosis and toxicoinfections of bacterial origin
  • food certification, the research procedure for the hygienic certificate and the certificate of conformity
Course author and speaker
Seregin Ivan Georgievich
Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Professor of the Department of Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise and Biological Safety MSUFP
Program modules
    cost of education:
    extramural: 35 000 rub.
    duration: 72 ac. hours
    form of conducting: online

    group start: 5 december 2022
    At the end of the training, students are issued certificates of advanced training of the established sample
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