Dance studio
"Don't Stop Me"
Dance with us! Hip-hop, House dance, Dancehall, Experimental dance,
High heels, Contemporary become subject to you.
Don't stop, follow us and drive, energy, rhythm will enter your life!

Here you can be yourself!
One of a kind. Unique atmosphere, modern
dance hall: we have created all the conditions for your comfort and development!

The level of training may vary. If you have never tried yourself in dancing, we will help you choose a style to your liking and teach you everything from scratch!
Our teachers skillfully find an individual approach to students,
work with interest with beginners and experienced dancers.
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street dance style that includes a wide range of styles such as break dance, locking, popping
Experimental dance
a modern form of dance, the essence of which is to experiment with music, with body movements, with space and emotions.
Lady dance + High Heels
Femininity, sensuality and catchy rhythms of pop music.
The main feature of the direction is a sharp change in the rhythm of movements, playing with the text with gaze and gestures, elements of posing and model penetration

Our choreographers are real pros, practicing dancers with teaching experience
  • Ekaterina Gabeleva
    Founder and mastermind of the DSM dance studio.

    Head of the creative team of the studio.
    Directions: Hip-Hop + Creative Team
  • Maria Petrik
    Teaching experience - 3 years
    Dance experience - 8 years
    Masha is a member of the main composition of the BeLKa team led by Chris Belova, a participant in the Dancing on TNT project. Certified Startfit Trainer

    Directions: Lady dance + High Heels
  • Anna Demidova
    Teaching experience - 7 years
    Dance experience - over 15 years
    She is a member of the ART HOUSE team. The creator and choreographer of the "Experimenting in 3 Days" team. Director - stage director of performances.

    Directions: hip-hop, house and experimental dance

Dancing is a great opportunity to develop flexibility and mastery over your body. Dancing is a great alternative to sports
19:00 hip-Hop
19:00 Experimental
20:00 Vogue
20:30 Acting skills
21:00 Hose Dance
17:00 Start to Move
18:00 Lady Dance
19:00 Hip-Hop
20:00 Creative Group
19:00 hip-Hop
19:00 Contemporary
21:00 House Dance
17:00 Start to Move
18:00 Lady Dance
19:00 Hip-Hop
20:00 Creative Group
19:00 Vogue
17:30 High Heels
Contemporary dances
You don't need professional experience. Available for people over 15 years old.
In a programme:
- preparation diagnostics
- learning techniques
- stage skills
- development of plastics
Creative Group
For people over 15 years old.
In a programme:
- study of choreography of different dance directions
- staging numbers for performances, competitions and other stage performances
Dances for children *
Available for children under 15 (inclusive)
Group recruitment will open in March 2021.
Start To Move (7-10 years old)
Hip-Hop (10-15 years old)
For the youngest - Children's choreography (from 3 years old)
Lesson rates
Duration 1 month
2 250 ₽
for students
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Duration 1 month
2 250 ₽
for MSUFP employees

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Different dance directions
is free
for everyone
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A unique music and dance project created by the founder of the Don't Stop Me Dance Studio
Ekaterina Gabeleva and her students.
The guys who dance at DSM in any year of study can go on stage and take part in a real musical!
Originated back in 2011, the performance has gathered thousands of spectators in the halls during its existence. This author's performances are shown once a year, as a reporting concert of the studio dancers.

An important feature of the project is to draw public attention to important social problems through cooperation with several charitable foundations.
The entire project is fully realized thanks to the talents of the students: sewing costumes, decorating, photo sessions for artists, creating a script, writing music, etc.

We can safely say that participation in the play "On Waves of Love" will provide an opportunity not only to develop and raise dancing abilities to a new level, but also to apply your talents in related directions.

Join the DSM family and become a member of a unique project!
Dance studio
Don't stop me
To register in our studio, call
by phone .: +7 (926) 559-25-66 (from 11:00 to 22:00)
we are located on the territory of the Moscow State University of Food Production at the address:
Moscow, st. Vrubel, house 12, Technopark, 2nd floor.
m.Sokol / MCC Panfilovskaya
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