Food microbiology
During this program, you will become more familiar with the different types of microorganisms used in the manufacture of a variety of food products through microbiological synthesis, as well as learn how to prevent product spoilage caused by microorganisms.
During the course you will learn:
  • Determine the risks of environmental factors for food production
  • Determine the risks associated with sanitary and hygienic conditions in the workplace
  • Carry out sampling for microbiological analysis
  • Choose a method for cultivating contaminant microorganisms
  • Identify technological risks in production
  • Differentiate the main groups of microorganisms-contaminants
  • Conduct microbiological analysis of chocolate confectionery products
  • Draw up a scheme of microbiological and sanitary-hygienic control in production
Professionals involved in microbiological food control need to be retrained every 5 years.
The exact timing is determined by the employer.
This course will interest
Specialists of enterprises for the processing of raw materials of animal and vegetable origin
Employees and managers of food and processing industries
Professionals working in the water supply system
Students of specialized universities
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cost of education:
internal: 29 300 rubles
extra-mural: 15 000 rubles.
duration: 72 ac. hours
Course program
Block 1
Modern food microbiology
Block 2
Environmental microbiota, health assessment and role in food production
Block 3
Modern system for assessing the quality and biosafety of food products
Block 4
Methodology for microbiological studies of food products
Block 5
Organization of sanitary and microbiological control at enterprises and in the system of state supervision
Block 6
Microbiological basis of the HACCP system in food production. Requirements for food biosafety
At the end of the training, students are issued certificates of advanced training of the established sample
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cost of education:
part-time: 29 300 rubles
in absentia: 15 000 rubles.
duration: 72 ac. hours
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