Professional Communication Translator (Spanish)

professional retraining
training period: 1536 ac. hours
form of conduct: online
cost of training: 270 000 rub. (90 000 rub. per year)
start date: 10 october, 2023
Whatever profession you have, professional translation skills remain an important and additional bonus, allowing you to increase your value in the labor market or expand professional opportunities in your existing specialty.
Features of the program
  • Training of specialists in the field of specialized translation and interpretation based on the available professional knowledge;
  • Development of practical skills and abilities of professional translation in combination with the study of language theory and translation theory;
  • Formation and development of skills and abilities that allow for effective intercultural communication in the field of main professional activity;
  • Deepening knowledge about the world of the target language;
  • Mastering the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to successfully engage in professional translation activities.
Authors and teachers
Tikhonova Elena Viktorovna
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Linguistics and Professional Communication
Bezus Svetlana Nikolaevna
k.p.n., Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Professional Communication
Ivanova Marina Alexandrovna
k.p.n., Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Professional Communication
Program modules
    From us you will learn
    • Establish contact and develop adequate communication in a foreign language environment
    • Adapt the current level of knowledge of the Spanish language to academic needs and deepen the skills of generating spontaneous and prepared speech, its perception and analysis
    • Vary language and speech means in accordance with the scenarios of interaction of participants in intercultural communication
    • Freely navigate in speech situations of communication, possess the skills of free oral and written translation, easily communicate on professional topics
    At the end of the training, students are issued with diplomas of professional retraining of the established form
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