Psychological counseling and psychotherapy

professional retraining
training period: 1100 ac. hours (10 months)
cost of training: 69 000 rubles.
start date: September 6, 2023
form of conduct: internal
A program for anyone interested in practical psychology

This course is a successful mix of academic foundations, modern progressive techniques and "live" practical experience from professional practitioners with many years of experience in various areas of psychology and psychotherapy.
Program modules:
Module 1.
Psychological counseling, psychocorrection and psychotherapy
Module 2.
Basics of psychodiagnostics
Module 3.
Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology
Module 4.
Fundamentals of Pathopsychology
Module 5.
Fundamentals of Neuropsychology
Module 6.
Group and individual psychotherapy
Module 7.
Psychology of extreme states
Module 8.
Correctional and developmental training
Module 9.
Psychosomatics and psychology of corporeality
Module 10.
The psychology of deviant behavior
Module 11.
Family psychology and family psychotherapy
Module 12.
Prevention and psychological correction of addictive behavior and codependency
Module 13.
Psychology of sexuality
While studying, you get:
Professional attitude
competent support and professional support
practicing psychologists;
Psychocorrectional programs for working with various problems
  • financial problems,
  • personal (to find a life partner),
  • psychosomatic problems (including with panic attacks),
  • programs for self-presentation,
  • to work with suicides,
  • to work with schoolchildren and students in increasing motivation and academic performance, etc.
Best teachers
classes are conducted by qualified psychologists and psychotherapists;
Documents of the established form of a state university
Upon completion of training, you receive a Diploma of Professional Retraining, which gives you the right to conduct professional activities in accordance with the assigned qualification "Psychologist-Consultant"
Video recordings
Video lectures and video recordings of over 30 real sessions with
clients for training (demonstrated with their consent);
Free supervision
for the entire period of study and for 1 year after
completion of the course;
Access to classes
Classes that you cannot attend will be available on the e-learning platform during your academic year and one year after the completion of the course;
Quality practice
Students undergo practical training in clinical and advisory centers in Russia:

  • PKB number 4 named. P.B. Gannushkina
  • Rehabilitation Center "Our Sunny World"
  • Center for psychological assistance E.A. Polyakova
  • Research Institute of Neurosurgery named after Academician N.N. Burdenko
  • Research Institute of Psychiatry DZ Moscow
Course instructors:
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