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Preparing for a unified state
exam in chemistry
Do you need more advanced knowledge of chemistry?

Then this course is especially for you!
We offer you an individual preparation plan for the exam, which will help not only improve your knowledge, but also give you confidence when passing the exam.

When passing the course, 20-40 additional points are guaranteed to the current result after passing the exams.
Convenient learning
the schedule is set depending on your preferences and requests
Actual material
material base is updated monthly
Flexible payment
ability to pay for a full course or modules
Modules of program
General chemistry
сost 23 000 rub.
  • Periodic table of chemical elements D.I. Mendeleev. Periodic law. Atom structure
  • Chemical bond. The concept of the oxidation state
  • Classes of inorganic compounds. Genealogical relationship between classes of inorganic compounds
  • Redox reactions
  • Hydrolysis. Electrolysis. Chemical thermodynamics. Chemical kinetic
  • Solving problems
Inorganic chemistry. Chemistry of elements
сost 23 000 rub.
  • Nonmetals
  • Metals. Chemistry of metals
Organic chemistry
сost 21 000 rub.
  • General provisions of organic chemistry
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Oxygenated organic compounds
  • Nitrogen-containing organic compounds. Amines. Amino acids.
сost 15 000 rub.
  • Solving problems in organic chemistry. Calculation of the molecular formula of an organic compound
  • Redox reactions of organic and inorganic chemistry. Half-reaction method
  • Qualitative reactions in organic and inorganic chemistry. The structure of the atom. Periodic law. Chemical bond and structure of substances, atomic hybridization. Test control
  • Hydrocarbons. Natural sources of hydrocarbons and their processing. High molecular weight compounds. The relationship of hydrocarbons with other classes of organic substances. Solving problems
  • Test control: The relationship of different classes of inorganic compounds. The relationship of various classes of organic compounds. Laboratory rules and scientific methods for the study of substances.
  • Final lesson: Questions of inorganic and organic chemistry. Solution of test
total cost of training: 70 000 rub.
term: 148 academ. hours
form: full-time, individual

category: schoolchildren of grades 10-11, applicants
start of group: october 20, 2021
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