C# programming language
for OS applications
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After learning the C# programming language, you will master the object-oriented programming language, be able to easily use the Visual Studio integrated development environment and acquire basic skills in creating object-oriented applications.

You will learn:

  • Understand .NET technologies
  • Work and create structural data types
  • Use branching and loops
  • Create methods in C#
  • Work with arrays and strings
  • Develop classes in C#
  • Use inheritance and polymorphism
  • Develop abstract classes and interfaces
  • Handle errors that occur in the program
  • Work with the file system
  • Learn to Use .NET Collections
  • Use parameterized types in the program
  • Work with events, delegates, and lambda expressions
  • Use operator overloading and extension methods
  • Get a feel for LINQ
    C# provides the creation of secure and verifiable code, which can be used in any modern software package.
    Applications created in C# can run successfully on any computer running Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems.
    Course program
    Classes are held weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
    course duration 2 weeks
    full cost of training: 10,000 rubles.
    for BIOTECH UNIVERSITY students: 6,000 rubles*
    duration: 50 a.m. hours
    format of the event: internal / online
    The documents
    Those who successfully complete the full course and pass the exam will be issued a Certificate of advanced training.

    Upon completion of the professional retraining course in Software Design and Development, a Diploma of Professional Retraining will be issued
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