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refresher course
refresher course
About the academy
The Academy of Cavistes and Sommeliers was created on the basis of the Russian biotech university.

After completing the advanced course, you will receive official documents allowing you to work in any area of the wine trade, restaurant and hotel business.

During the practical part of the classes, we offer high quality wines from the best producers in the world, while in our work we do not depend on wine trading companies.

You will really learn to understand wines!

We are waiting for you at the Academy of Cavistas and Sommeliers!
Theoretical part
Detailed lectures in specially equipped classrooms from leading teachers and experts
Practical part
Training receptors with the help of odor standards and tasting different types of wine
Knowledge control
All modules include exams or tests
Graduation document
Certificate of Professional Development or Professional Retraining Diploma
Cavist and sommelier - what are these professions?
A professional cavist during his career develops a certain circle of clients who trust only his choice, knowing that he will pick up what is needed.
The profession of kavist (from the French "cellar keeper") is relatively new. These are people who are sales assistants or alcohol sales managers.

Cavistas work in wine trading companies and specialized wine boutiques.
The work of a cavist also involves business trips to get to know the wine-growing regions and their wines better. As the career grows, the cavist gets the opportunity not only to sell wine, but also to decide on its purchase by the company.
A knowledgeable and experienced kavist, helping the buyer to make a choice, focuses on his taste and takes into account many characteristics of the wine, including:
  • price,
  • type of wine
  • country and region of origin,
  • manufacturer,
  • harvest year,
  • the term and technology of aging, as well as the gastronomic preferences of the buyer, and much more

A cavist must be, like a sommelier, an excellent taster and psychologist.
Wine boutique regulars are customers who are true connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages, so they are well versed in quality and technical characteristics.

An experienced kavist can be engaged in compiling personal collections of alcohol for private customers. Here the amount of remuneration is negotiated individually.

In today's market, the demand for kavist is as follows: demand significantly exceeds supply.

"A sommelier is a person who is responsible for serving wine and other drinks in restaurants; gives advice on the choice; monitors the correct serving."
Georges Pertuise, head of the Sommelier Union of France
The word sommelier comes from the French sommelier. It can be translated into Russian as "cupbearer". In most modern European languages, it retains its French sound.
Sommelier Responsibilities:
  • draws up a wine list;
  • maintains and updates the wine list;
  • gives recommendations on the choice of dishes for wines and vice versa;
  • responsible for the condition of the wine cellar;
  • deals with the purchase of wines and personally checks each delivery;
  • is responsible not only for wines, but also for other alcoholic beverages of the institution;
  • knows the features of all the wines presented in the wine list of the institution;
  • knows a foreign language, as foreigners often become visitors to restaurants.
Sommelier career
After training, graduates tend to become wine waiters (a waiter with knowledge of wine) or sommelier assistants. The next step is the sommelier. Then the chef sommelier. This specialist can draw up a wine list of an establishment, negotiate with suppliers, and organize the proper storage of alcohol.
The salary of an assistant sommelier starts from 40 thousand rubles, depending on the institution. The upper limit - for the position of chief sommelier - in the region of 150-200 thousand rubles.
speakers of the Cavist Academy and sommeliers
Balikoeva Fatima Ramazanovna
Member of the tasting commission of Rosalkogolregulirovanie.
Work as an engineer-technologist at the enterprise of the wine industry.
Associate Professor of the Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant Business, RANEPA (Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) under the President of the Russian Federation. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences.
Krasnogor Olga Anatolievna
Director of Grand Wine Bazar.
Worked in large wine trading companies.
For more than 5 years she was the editor-in-chief of the Vinnaya Karta newspaper.
Supervised the educational project "School of spirits Old Spirits".
Drubachevskaya Irina Leonidovna
Wine expert.
Member of the jury of international wine competitions.
Lead teacher of wine schools.
Author of books: "Wine. Know, understand, feel",
LLC Zhigulsky Publishing House, 2004.
"Great wine encyclopedia",
OOO Zhigulsky Publishing House, 2006.
Kapitonova Yulia Sergeevna
more than 15 years of experience in senior positions in Russian companies included in the TOP-20 in terms of sales volume
Buraev Fedor Vladimirovich
PhD, Associate Professor
specialist in brand technologies, marketing of new products
Gorkusha Oksana Anatolyevna
marketing and promotion specialist
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