How to publish an article
in a peer-reviewed journal from
an international database
72 academ. hours
form of carrying out:
in person, extramural
36 000 rub.,
16 000 rub.
The program is designed to improve the qualifications of the teaching staff, researchers who plan to publish in an English-language journal. Further training is aimed at teaching the basics of writing a scientific empirical article, the formation and development of competencies in the field of academic language and improving the quality of the linguistic and speech design of a scientific text in the tradition of English-language scientific writing.
This course will interest:
Faculty of universities and research organizations
Scientists developing their publication activity
During your studies, you will learn:
It is logical and as accessible as possible to present the illuminated ideas
International Publication Ethics Standards
Academic (oral and written) communication for the implementation of research activities in the field of study in an international context
You will be able to test your level of sensory sensitivity
Program modules:
1. Introduction to the course. Specificity of academic discourse
  • Scientific discourse
  • The main parameters of creating a scientific article in an international format by the authors
  • The structure of the empirical article IMRAD. Scientific article and its variable structure in various fields of knowledge
2. Introduction of the article and its structure
  • Formulation of the topic and research question. Localization of research novelty
  • Structuring the introduction of the article
  • Creation of a paragraph, logical structuring of paragraphs. Logic and coherence of written language
3. Theoretical substantiation of the problem under study and a review of the literature
  • The theoretical basis of the research. Objectives of the literature review
  • Scientific paradigms in intercultural scientific communication
  • Argumentation in a scientific text
4. Research methodology and results
  • The logic of the presentation of the material
  • Research methodology
  • Description of research results
5. Discussion of results and conclusion
  • Training in writing logically coherent passages of the text
  • Section "Discussion of results"
  • Writing the "Conclusion" section. Tasks, approaches, strategies. Ability to demonstrate the role of the author of the text
6. Research abstract
  • Research abstract (approaches and models)
  • Fundamentals of Scientific Editing (Strategies, Resources, Techniques)
7. Forms of peer review and feedback
  • Acquaintance with the review format (open, closed)
  • Working with feedback on the results of peer review
8. Mathematical methods of data processing in humanitarian studies
  • Mathematical Methods for Processing Quantitative Data
  • Mathematical methods for processing qualitative data
  • Ability to process data
  • Ability to use statistical data processing programs
  • Ability to visualize obtained statistical data
cost of education:
full-time: 36 000 rubles.
extramural: 16 000 rubles.
duration: 72 academ. hours

group start: november 20, 2021
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