START 17 october 2022
FEA: practical issues of accounting, taxation, observance of currency control rules
Advanced training in the field of organization of foreign economic activity of an enterprise when moving goods and vehicles across the customs border of the EAEU

Who will be interested in the program
persons with higher education and practical work experience of at least 2 years in the field of foreign economic activity; customs specialists, accountants, foreign trade managers
Program modules
Module 1. VAT on imports and exports
- Obligations of a Russian organization as a VAT tax agent;
- Calculation and payment of VAT when importing goods into the territory of the Russian Federation and the specifics of the deduction;
- VAT refund on export, including to the EAEU countries;
- Preparation for the implementation of a traceability system for imported goods;
Module 2: Foreign exchange regulation and foreign economic activity control
- Rules for the execution of transactions under contracts in foreign currency;
- The procedure for registering contracts for foreign economic activity;
- Specifics of conducting currency transactions by residents and non-residents;
- New on responsibility for violations of currency legislation;
Module 3. Structure and content of foreign economic agreements
- Basic terms of delivery;
- Application of the rules of INCOTERMS;
- Risks associated with a foreign economic contract;
- Consideration of real situations and analysis of international arbitration practice;
Module 4. Financial statements of companies engaged in foreign economic activity
- Requirements for the presentation of information on assets and liabilities;
- Accounting and tax assessment of fixed assets, materials and goods purchased under import contracts;
- The practice of using the FSBU (PBU) when recording operations for the export and import of goods and services;
- Primary accounting documentation for foreign economic activity: complex issues;
Module 5. Taxation of income tax
- Taxation of income tax at the exporter receiving income in foreign currency;
- Tax on the income of a foreign person receiving income from a Russian person;
- Obligations of the tax agent for the tax on the income of a foreign person;
- Beneficial owner: concept, new instruments of tax control;
form of training: online
cost: 33 000 rubles.
duration: 64 ac. hours
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