START February 7, 2022
Small home animal oncology
72 academ. hours
form of carrying out:
in-time - full-time
50 000 rub.
During your studies under the program, you will learn how to work with cancer patients, carry out diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations to make a diagnosis and improve the quality of life of an oncological patient.

Who will be interested in the course?
Students and managers of food and processing industry enterprises, veterinary services at enterprises
Heads and specialists of city and regional stations for the fight against animal diseases
Вы научитесь
Use the main methods of visual diagnostics to determine the stage of the disease and plan further therapeutic procedures
To systematize and document information about oncological diseases, to make a choice of treatment tactics in the conditions of modern veterinary clinics
Systematize and document information about oncological diseases, analyze the options for the occurrence of side effects and assess the degree of impact of therapeutic manipulations on the animal's body as a whole
To use the possibilities of using medical and veterinary drugs for oncological patients, to carry out medical manipulations taking into account the clinical and morphological diagnosis
Модули программы
Module 1. Biology of the development of the tumor process. Carcinogenesis. Stages of the tumor process
  • Etiopathogenesis of the oncological process. Breed predisposition to certain cancers
  • Classification of oncological diseases
Module 2. Construction of diagnostic algorithms
  • Management of an oncological patient: taking anamnesis, examination, verification of analyzes, etc.
  • Ultrasonography of oncological pathologies
  • X-ray diagnostics of oncological pathologies
  • MRI and CT diagnostics of oncological pathologies
  • Rules for taking pathological material
  • Pathomorphological studies of neoplasms
Module 3. Neoplasms of organs and systems
  • Skin neoplasm
  • Soft tissue neoplasms
  • Neoplasms of the nasal and oral cavity
  • Breast neoplasms
  • Lymphoproliferative Disorders
  • Digestive system neoplasms
  • Neoplasms of the genitourinary system
Module 4. Basic rules of oncosurgery
  • Basic rules of oncosurgery
Module 5. Chemotherapy
  • Classification of chemotherapy drugs
  • Principles of administration of chemotherapy drugs
  • Side effects of chemotherapy
Module 6. Radiation therapy
  • Classification and types of radiation therapy
  • Side effects of radiation therapy
Module 7. Other types of cancer therapy
  • Other therapies for cancer
Module 8. Paraneoplastic Syndrome
  • Paraneoplastic Syndrome
form of carrying out: in-time - full-time
cost of education: 50 000 rub.
duration: 32 academ. hours

group start: february 7, 2022
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