START February 7, 2022
home animal ophthalmology
72 academ. hours
form of carrying out:
in-time - full-time
50 000 rub.
Who will be interested in the course?
Students and managers of food and processing industry enterprises, veterinary services at enterprises
Heads and specialists of city and regional stations for the fight against animal diseases
You will learn
Evaluate the localization and area of lesion of ophthalmopathies, analyze the options for the occurrence of side effects and assess the degree of impact of therapeutic manipulations on the animal's body as a whole
To use the possibilities of using medical and veterinary drugs for patients, to carry out medical manipulations taking into account the clinical and morphological diagnosis
Use the main methods of visual diagnostics to determine the stage of the disease and plan further medical procedures
Carry out the choice of treatment tactics in the conditions of modern veterinary clinics
Program modules
Module 1. Anatomy and physiology of the eye
  • Anatomical features of the structure of the eyes of animals
  • General characteristics of the visual analyzer
Module 2. Protocol for examination of the eye and its auxiliary organs
  • Examination of the eye in direct and transmitted light, using a binocular loupe
  • Slit lamp examination of the anterior segment of the eye
  • Ophthalmoscopy (fundus camera and ophthalmoscopy)
Module 3. Diagnostic tests in ophthalmology
  • Vital dyes and the Schirmer test in ophthalmic practice
  • Examination of the cranial nerves
Module 4. Eyelid pathologies and their treatment
  • Blepharitis and trichiasis, entropion, eversion of the eyelids, ankyloblefaron
  • Eyelid neoplasms, 3rd century prolapse
Module 5. Operational techniques in ophthalmology
  • Canthotomy, wedge resection, figure-of-eight suture, third century lacrimal gland prolapse reign
  • Tarsorrhaphy, blepharorhaphy, blepharoplasty
Module 6. Corneal diseases and their treatment
  • Keratitis, scleritis
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Microphthalmos and anophthalmos
Module 7. Pathology of the choroid
  • Uveitis, anterior synechiae, posterior synechiae
Module 8. Pathology of the lens and vitreous body
  • Cataract and its types. Mooring, hyalosis and vitreous liquefaction
Module 9. Retinal pathologies
  • Inflammatory diseases of the retina
  • Non-inflammatory retinal diseases
Module 10. Enucleation of the eye
  • Indications and technique of surgical intervention
form of carrying out: in-time - full-time
cost of education: 50 000 rub.
duration: 72 academ. hours

group start: february 7, 2022
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