Preparatory Course: Russian language Online intensive

On May 11, an intensive online Russian language course for beginners starts on the MGUPP online educational platform.

The  registration is open.
Trial lesson of Russian as a Foreign Language!
The Institute of International Education of Moscow State University of Food Production invites all interested parties to the trial lesson of Russian as a Foreign Language. This course is included in the Distant Preparatory program for foreign students (Russian language and subjects connected with the chosen field of studies). Distant program includes online lessons and a computer program to strengthen language skills.
To register for a trial lesson or to have a free trial of a computer program follow the link
About the course
This course is aimed at people with no prior knowledge of Russian, who have a strong interest in learning Russian language and culture.

Head of Russian studies
What will you learn?
You will be able to understand, speak and read Russian, step by step
Understand the dialogues, express your thoughts and
communicate with Russian friends
Learn the country, the habits and features of the
inhabitants of Russia, and what does the expression
«Da net, navernoe» mean*

* verbatim translation: yes no, probably
You will learn the national customs, traditions and
culture of Russia, the Russian style of communication
Read not only textbooks,
but also «War and Peace», at least
You will increase the level of knowledge in general
subjects and learn to read and listen to lectures in
Russian in your chosen field
Course structure
Introductory phonetic package + Training Section
You will learn sounds and their phonetic signs.
You learn to recognize every sound — then you can learn pronunciation by ear. Learn phonetic transcription and word stress
The basic lexico-grammatical package in three basic components
  • presentation module
  • training module
  • control and measuring module
Training at the Preparatory
faculty is conducted in five areas
  • Medical and biological (subjects studied: Russian language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Computer Science).
  • Humanities (subjects studied: Russian language, Social Studies, History, Literature, Computer Science, Geography).
  • Engineering and technological (subjects studied: Russian language, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Drawing, History).
  • Economic (subjects studied: Russian language, Mathematics, Social studies, History, Computer science,).
  • Natural science (subjects studied: Russian language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer science {History and Drawing-depending on the field of study}).
Program includes
Russian Language
general course and specialization in the profile of your chosen education
Adaptation Disciplines
Socio-cultural adaptation workshop
Geography of Russia
Russian communicative style and intercultural communication
Professional Disciplines
humanitarian, engineering, biomedical, natural sciences

*classes with teachers are held in Moscow (Russia)
After graduating from the preparatory faculty, students who have passed their final exams receive a «Certificate of completion of an additional General education program for pre-University training of foreign citizens» of an approved state sample, which entitles them to be admitted to any University of the Russian Federation in the appropriate profile, in the appropriate direction of training (profile)
Our tutors
Liliya Kovtun
Head of Russian Studies Department, Professor, PhD on Personality Adaptation in Intercultural Communication. Has extensive experience in all aspects of teaching adult RFL. Has been a teacher trainer.

Particular interests in Innovative Methods of Language Teaching, integrative studies of Russian language, literature and culture, language shock in e-learning environment. Introduces best practices into Russian language classroom. Participant of international research conferences in Vienna, Paris, Berlin. Speaks Russian, English and German.
Lidiya Suzdaltseva
Honored Trainer of Higher Professional Education, has been teaching Russian as a Foreign language for more than 20 years. Has been a teacher trainer. Current research interests are focused on instruction in Russian for Academic Purposes programs.

Particular interests in Russian language of professional register, comprehensive study of Russian language, communicative approach to language teaching.
Natalya Kuzina
Certified Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language. Particular interests in online tools used in language learning and gamification in education. Her research focus in on the involvement methods in language teaching. Speaks Russian and English Course Instructor.
Kostantin Egorov
Certified Teacher of Russian and English as a Foreign Language. Master degree on Interactive Language Teaching. Particular interests in interactive classroom techniques, online and offline, intercultural communication, virtual language environment, all aspects of language online. Speaks Russian, English and German. Course Instructor.
Student reviews
Liu Cixi
Ibrahim Zedan
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Benefits for foreign citizens
Programs for foreign citizens with the possibility of entering both the preparatory faculty and the main educational program
Program 1
1 year of study in the main educational program (bachelor's, master's, postgraduate, residency) preparatory faculty
Program 2
2 years of distance preparatory faculty with teachers under the exchange program
Advantages of parallel learning programs
Time savings (1 year)
Money Savings (from 80,000 rubles)
Accelerated adaptation to the educational environment
A Foreign citizen is enrolled in the program of the preparatory Department «Russian as a foreign language» (provides the necessary documents, makes tuition payments) Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night. Also you can visit our office for personal consultation.
A Foreign citizen is enrolled in a College or University for correspondence studies for parallel development of training programs (provides the necessary documents, makes tuition payments)

Upon completion of training in the preparatory Department "Russian as a foreign language" and passing the certification of the first year of study at a College or University, the student is transferred to full-time study and/or other training direction for the 2nd year.
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