Programming language C
for industrial machines

learn how to program in a popular language
professional language programmers
The C language is implemented on the maximum number of hardware platforms, and is one of the most popular programming languages, especially in the free software world.
In addition, the C language is the basis for such programming languages as
C++, C#, Java.
You will learn:

  • use all C language operators
  • use library functions
  • use preprocessor directives
  • work with arrays
  • write functions
  • use memory classes
  • apply address arithmetic
  • work with data structures
  • work with files
    During the training, you will receive theoretical knowledge not only in the C programming language, but also in the methods of developing algorithms, choosing, designing data structures, creating and testing software
    you can laying the foundation for your knowledge
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    Course program
    Classes are held weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
    course duration 2 weeks
    full cost of training: 10,000 rubles.
    for BIOTECH UNIVERSITY students: 6,000 rubles*
    duration: 50 a.m. hours
    format of the event: internal / online
    group start: 13 febrary 2023
    The documents
    Those who successfully complete the full course and pass the exam will be issued a Certificate of advanced training.

    Upon completion of the professional retraining course in Software Design and Development, a Diploma of Professional Retraining will be issued
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