3D modeling in Fusion 360.
Basic course
Convenient schedule
online (webinars)
Simple use
Fusion 360 works in the cloud and does not load the computer
Flexible payment
there is a breakdown of the total cost by module
3D modeling is a promising direction that is widespread in the modern world and has many areas of application. Three-dimensional graphics are actively used in design automation systems, in architectural visualization, in many computer games, in cinematography, etc.
Unleash creativity in Autodesk
3D-design software
This course is designed for young engineers who want to learn 3D modeling in Fusion 360 from scratch.
It will help you master modeling skills, develop creativity, spatial thinking, which, in turn, will serve as the basis for further study of three-dimensional objects and, possibly, contribute to the definition of a future profession.
As part of the program, you:
  • Learn 3D modeling using solid primitives and 2D sketches
  • Get the skills to create assemblies, drawings and various animations
  • Create 3 mini and 1 diploma projects that will be a great addition to your portfolio
  • You will be able to prepare models for printing on a 3D printer
Program modules:
total cost of training: 40 000 rub.
term: 64 ac. hours
form: online (webinars)

category: schoolchildren of grades 7-11
start of group: 13 febrary 2023
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