Programming language Java
development of cross-platform applications
Android applications, desktop applications, games, websites, scientific programs and programs for physical devices are written in Java.

Java programmers are building products like Tesla, Minecraft, IntelliJ, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and millions of others. Java developers design and implement application logic.

After completing the course, you will receive all the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the field of Java programming.
You will learn:

  • understand Java technologies
  • work with primitive types
  • use branching and loops
  • create methods and develop classes in Java
  • work with arrays and strings
  • use inheritance and polymorphism
  • develop abstract classes and interfaces
  • handle errors that occur in the program
  • work with the file system
  • use parameterized types in the program
  • create lambda expressions
    The course not only provides the fundamentals, but also prepares for the subsequent serious work in Java.
    You will examine in detail all the elements and constructs of the Java language and the capabilities of the JDK platform. Theory is worked out in detail in practice
    earn by developing
    Course program
    Classes are held weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
    course duration 2 weeks
    full cost of training: 10,000 rubles.
    for BIOTECH UNIVERSITY students: 6,000 rubles*
    duration: 50 a.m. hours
    format of the event: internal / online
    The documents
    Those who successfully complete the full course and pass the exam will be issued a Certificate of advanced training.

    Upon completion of the professional retraining course in Software Design and Development, a Diploma of Professional Retraining will be issued
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