Programming language JavaScript
for server applications
create interactive websites and
become great web developer
You will learn:

  • understand the essence of programming
  • understand the specifics of web programming
  • have a solid knowledge of the JavaScript language without being tied to the runtime environment
    This course focuses on the basics of JavaScript web programming. You will learn what are the features of the syntax of the language, get acquainted with the main built-in functionality and, by completing workshops after each topic, learn how to create basic algorithms on your own.
    up to 85 000 rubles

    beginner javascript developer salary
    best language to start programming
    Course program
    Classes are held weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
    course duration 2 weeks
    full cost of training: 10,000 rubles.
    for BIOTECH UNIVERSITY students: 6,000 rubles*
    duration: 50 a.m. hours
    format of the event: internal / online
    The documents
    Those who successfully complete the full course and pass the exam will be issued a Certificate of advanced training.

    Upon completion of the professional retraining course in Software Design and Development, a Diploma of Professional Retraining will be issued
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