Modular programming course
language C#
This course is intended for beginner programmers who want to learn how to program games using the C # programming language (C Sharp). Over the course of three modules of the course, you will learn how to program in C # and how to use this knowledge to create 2D and 3D games and applications.
C # is a good language to start learning, and later on for professional programming. It resembles such world-famous languages as Java and C ++, which will allow you to master them without much difficulty after completing the course. In addition, the Unity game engine, which is very popular among indie game developers, uses C # to generate code.
Convenient schedule
classes once a week for 1.5 hours in online format (webinars)
Actual material
material base is updated monthly
Flexible payment
it is possible to split the total cost into 3 payments
Program modules
total cost of training: 44 000 rub.
term: 94 ac. hours
form: online (webinars)

category: schoolchildren of grades 8-11, students
start of group: 13 febrary 2023
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