Interactive games on the Scratch platform
The Scratch environment allows children to create their own animated and interactive stories, presentations, models, games, and more.
Studying Scratch will help to master the basics of algorithmicization and programming, and the knowledge gained will be useful for further and more serious study of programming, and will also allow you to prepare for all kinds of competitions and exhibitions on this topic, which are currently.
Convenient schedule
classes 2 times a week for 45 minutes in online format (webinars)
Actual material
material base is updated monthly
Flexible payment
the ability to split the cost
for 2 payments
Program modules
Basic -
cost 5,500 rubles.
  • What is Scratch. Acquaintance with the program interface
  • The concept of sprites and scenes. Drawing new sprites
  • Movement and control commands
  • Sensors. Input and output from the program
  • Understanding variables and subroutines
  • Understanding Conditions and Loops
  • Interaction between sprites. Message exchange
Project -
cost 5,000 rubles.
  • Development of a script for a game project
  • Drawing graphics for the project
  • Project programming
  • Project design. Documenting
  • Project defense
total cost of training: 10 500 rub.
term: 21 academ. hours
form: remote online (webinars)

category: schoolchildren of grades 1-6
start of group: december 10, 2021
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